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Common fault handling of gasoline generators

2018-11-27 13:54:59

Treatment of common faults in general gasoline engines


Cannot start or suddenly turn off after starting

1. The flameout switch is not open and the flameout line is shorted. Missing oil (model with protector).

2. Sensor: Unplug the oil sensor cable and change the oil sensor that the gasoline engine can start.

3. Ignition system problem: Unplug the spark plug to start the air and observe the spark condition. The spark is white and red. If there is no spark, change the spark plug or igniter.

4. Oil supply system problem: Check whether the fuel is in the water. If the water is in the water, clean the carburetor with gasoline. Determine whether the cylinder is in the fuel, unplug the spark plug and press the air filter hole with your finger. Start the air filter a few times and smell the fuel. Determine whether the oil supply channel is leaking or not, and change the position of the damper to see if it can start.

5. Energy conversion system and gas distribution system problem: Unplug the spark plug and press the air filter hole with your finger. If there is no compressed gas, the air conversion system will have problems.

Unstable speed or reduced power

1. Speed ​​control system problem: Check if the speed control spring is disengaged or not. Check whether the gasoline engine has idle speed (the genset observes the no-load frequency) to judge whether the clearance between the swing lever and the speed control gear is too large. If there is no idle speed and the no-load frequency is high, the clearance between the swing lever and the speed adjustment gear needs to be adjusted.

2. Check whether the spark plug has carbon deposit or air filter. If the air filter is used for a long time, check if the piston ring is worn.

3. The assembly clearance of the stator is 0.3±0.1mm

The above are common faults in the "three packs" period of gasoline engines. For the working environment, maintenance and precautions of the gasoline engine, please refer to the instruction manual.

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