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Fuel requirements for diesel generator

2019-01-29 15:00:22

          Fuel requirements for diesel generator.To simplify the fuel supply system, the daily fuel tank should be as close to the engine as possible.Oil storage tanks may be installed next to generators or in adjacent rooms if building codes and fire regulations permit.

          In order to quickly start the diesel generator, the ideal fuel level in the tank should be at the same level as the inlet of the fuel delivery pump, but the highest oil level should not be 1.5m higher than the base of the unit. 

          The main factor affecting the minimum capacity of the daily fuel tank is the need to minimize the vortexes caused by the supply and fuel backflow so that the entrained gas can be freely separated from the engine backflow of hot fuel.A certain amount of fuel is required to assist the fuel pump or pipeline in case of failure. The diesel generator shall be provided with a minimum continuous operation. The capacity of the daily fuel tank shall ensure the continuous operation of the unit under full load for 8 hours.

          No. 0 light diesel oil may be used, but an oil-water separator must be installed to ensure oil quality.Most fuels spoil if they are not used for a long time.For backup generator sets, it is best to only reserve fuel for continuous operation of the generator for 8-16 hours.Therefore, the correct engine maintenance is to completely update the fuel tank within a year and a half.Another solution is to add a corrosion inhibitor to the fuel to make the renewal take longer.

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