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Gasoline generator cooling

2019-02-12 14:28:12

When the gasoline generator is working, the temperature of the fuel in the cylinder can reach 1800-2000 °C. In addition to generating expansion pressure, this heat also causes the temperature of the cylinder, piston and valve to rise rapidly, which affects normal operation. When the temperature is too high, the mixture entering the cylinder is heated and expanded, the density is reduced, the intake air is reduced, the output power of the gasoline generator is reduced, and self-ignition and deflagration may be caused; the lubricating oil is thinned at high temperature, so that the friction pair The lubrication condition deteriorates and the wear of the machine is accelerated. When the temperature of the machine is too high, the normal working gap will be destroyed, the mechanical strength will be reduced, and the machine parts will be deformed. In severe cases, accidents such as jamming and expansion of the cylinder may occur.

gasoline generator
gasoline generator

In order to avoid the above drawbacks, the gasoline generator must have a cooling device to ensure normal operation. However, it is not as cold as possible, because excessive cooling will increase the fuel consumption of the gasoline generator, the heat loss is large, and the power output is reduced. The machine is not working properly. Therefore, the degree of cooling can only be stopped. Its function is mainly to release the excessive heat in the machine when the machine is working, so that the parts maintain the normal working temperature.

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