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High pressure cleaning machine common problem solving

2019-02-27 14:18:42

1. First check if the nozzle is worn. If it is worn, please replace the nozzle.

2. If the filter is clogged, replace the filter after cleaning.

3. Remove the nozzle, start the machine, and check if the water sprayed from the gun is normal. If the water is normal, install the nozzle and check if the machine has pressure. If there is no pressure, the pressure regulating valve is damaged or damaged than the pump.

4. Check whether the water seal is damaged or worn, and the factors that cause the water seal to wear mainly include: normal wear and tear, wear caused by poor water quality, long-term water shortage operation or long gun time (usually 30 minutes for guns) High seizure wear and need to be replaced at the moment.

5. Check if the high pressure nozzle is worn. If the wear is serious, replace the high pressure nozzle. High pressure nozzles for small pressure equipment are difficult to guarantee.

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6. Check the seals inside the pressure regulating valve and high pressure water pump, such as whether the O-ring inside the pressure regulating valve is worn, whether the spring and the seat surface are worn, whether the O-ring inside the pump is worn, whether the water seal is damaged, the check valve Whether it is damaged or padded by foreign objects.

7. The water supply is lacking. Check if the water level of the water tank is too low, whether the water inlet pipe has been exposed and whether the water inlet pipe is leaking. Need to add water or replace the new inlet pipe, such as non-self-priming pump depends on whether the water source pressure is normal and whether the influent flow rate meets the pump's use requirements.

8. High-pressure pipe, the filter device is twisted, bent or damaged, resulting in poor water flow, resulting in insufficient water pressure, and should be repaired in time.

9. Leakage of high and low pressure water seals and inlet and outlet water check valves will cause the working pressure to decrease, and these accessories should be replaced in time.

10. Clean the inlet water filter with air, and clean the customer to ensure the output of the standard water pressure.

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