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How to choose a high pressure cleaner

2019-03-05 16:22:27

1. Depending on usage:

General high pressure cleaners can be divided into two types, household and professional. If you use the washing machine for less than 50 hours a year, you only need to buy a household washing machine. The price is relatively cheaper, lighter in weight, simple in material and not heat resistant. If the time of use is more than 100 hours, it is necessary to consider a professional high-pressure cleaner, which is large in size, and the material is made of copper alloy pump head, stainless steel valve and other durable materials, and the price is of course much higher. So how to choose depends on the needs of consumers.

2. Depending on the needs of hot and cold water:

High-pressure cleaners can also be classified into hot water and cold water depending on the requirements of the occasion. Generally, most of the market is cold water type, which can be used by pouring water into the normal temperature and clear water. However, some business places need to be washed with hot water. In this case, it is necessary to purchase a hot water type high pressure cleaner. The injection of hot water, internal parts including the pump will be extremely fast damage, not worth the candle.

A heating device is added to the hot water washer, which generally uses a combustion cylinder to heat the water. The use of hot water cleaning can quickly flush a large amount of dirt and grease that is not easily washed by cold water, which greatly improves the cleaning efficiency. However, because hot water washing machines are expensive and operate at high cost (because diesel is used), most users may choose ordinary cold water high pressure cleaners; of course, in order to improve cleaning efficiency and effectiveness, many professional customers will choose Hot water washing machine.


3. Also choose the nozzle:

The cleaning effect caused by different nozzles is also different. For example, the circular water column nozzle can increase the cleaning efficiency, the fan type nozzle can rotate the nozzle as a low pressure spray (sprayable soap water) and a high pressure fan type water column, and the low pressure brush head can spray a low pressure water stream to gently scrub. Some of these sprinklers will be included, and some must be purchased by yourself.

4. Select a merchant

There are many brands of washing machines on the market. Imports are 1-2 times more expensive than domestic ones, and even more. When choosing, they should be based on their actual needs and budget. The imported equipment is usually new in technology, and its durability and efficiency are more advantageous than those made in China, but its price is also much higher, and the maintenance cost is 2-3 times higher than that of domestic equipment. After choosing to use the brand, you should also choose to choose a merchant.

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