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The function of Gasoline Generator cooling

2019-02-16 14:59:07

        The function of Gasoline Generator cooling.Gasoline Generator, fuel combustion in the cylinder temperature can reach 1800 ~ 2000 ℃.This kind of heat besides generation expands pressure to make work, still can make cylinder, piston and valve the machine part temperature rises quickly, affect normal work.

        When the temperature is too high, the mixture entering the cylinder will experience thermal expansion and density reduction, which will reduce the air intake, reduce the output power of the gasoline generator, and may cause spontaneous combustion and deflagration.The lubricating oil becomes thin under high temperature, which makes the lubrication condition of the friction pair become worse and accelerates the wear of the parts.When the temperature of the machine parts is too high, it will destroy the normal working clearance, reduce the mechanical strength, and lead to the deformation of the machine parts.

         In order to avoid the above disadvantages, only when the Gasoline Generator has a cooling device, can it work normally.However, it is not the colder the better, because excessive cooling will result in an increase of Gasoline Generator fuel consumption, a large heat loss and a reduction of power output.The machine is not working properly.So the cooling is only moderate.Its function is to work the machine when excessive heat is released in a timely manner, so that the machine to maintain the normal operating temperature.

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