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What should we do to choose a suitable Pressure Washer?

2019-02-11 16:57:54

         What should we do to choose a suitable Pressure Washer?A machine that USES a power unit to flush surfaces with high-pressure water from a high-pressure plunger pump.It can remove dirt, wash away, achieve the purpose of cleaning the object surface.Because it is to use high-pressure water column to clean dirt, so high-pressure cleaning is the world's most recognized scientific, economic, environmental cleaning.

         Pressure Washer can be divided into cold water Pressure Washer, hot water Pressure Washer, motor driven Pressure Washer and gasoline engine driven Pressure Washer, etc.The biggest difference between the two is that the hot water cleaning machine with a heating device, the use of combustion cylinder or electric heating device to heat water, of course, the hot water cleaning machine price is higher and higher operating costs.



         It is connected by drive motor, gasoline engine or diesel engine, thus driving high-pressure pump motion engine to be divided into 3 categories: motor driving Pressure comditioner, gasoline engine driving Pressure comditioner and diesel engine driving Washer.As the name suggests, the three types of cleaning machine are equipped with high pressure pump, different is the use of different drivers.The advantage of gasoline engine driven Pressure comditioner and diesel Washer is that they do not need power to perform in the field.

         If you have been using a cleaning machine for less than 50 hours a year, you only need to purchase a home cleaning machine.The price is relatively cheap, light weight, simple material and heat resistant.If the use time is more than 100 hours, we need to consider professional Pressure comditioner, which has a large volume and USES durable materials such as copper alloy pump head and stainless steel valve. Of course, the price is much higher.So how to choose, should inspect oneself need and decide.

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