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Why should the gasoline generator set vibrate when it is running?

2019-02-18 14:48:43

The gasoline generator set has large vibration during operation. It may be that the engine is faulty. It may also be that the generator is not connected well to the engine or the generator itself is faulty. It can be analyzed and repaired according to the following methods.


     1. cause of issue

     (1) Generator and engine are not in the same heart

     (2) Generator rotor dynamic balance is not good

     (3) Short circuit of generator excitation winding

     (4) Generator bearing damage

     (5) The engine is faulty

     2. Method of exclusion

     (1) Check if the docking of the gasoline generator and the engine is good. If the docking is not good, it should be corrected.

Keep the generator and the engine axis straight and concentric

     (2) The dynamic balance of the rotor is not good, generally occurs after the rotor is rewinded, and the detachable rotor can be balanced.

     (3) Use a multimeter to detect the DC resistance of each pole of the generator excitation winding, find the short-circuit point, repair or more

Change coil

     (4) Check the bearing cover for overheating. If there is, remove the damaged bearing and replace the new bearing.

     (5) Overhaul the engine of the gasoline generator and use it after troubleshooting

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